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Connecting crypto investors with 'pre-token sale' cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in need of funding to take their project to the next step.

Crowdfunding designed for cryptocurrency and blockchain start-ups.

Too many projects go into the ICO, IEO, or STO phase without having the proper financial backing to handle token sale campaigns, work on project development, employ proper marketing campaigns, get professional creatives, pay for necessary legal services, and hire the right team. CryptoFundr is a platform designed to provide pre-ICO crowdfunding solutions to cryptocurrency and blockchain projects that need to raise money before launching an ICO, IEO, STO, or other public token sale. 

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Companies and service providers we recommend for crypto and blockchain start-ups:

The Crypto Consultants

Marketing services for cryptocurrency companies.

Exchange listing services for crypto and token projects.

ICO Marketing

Marketing, PR, and advertising services for ICO/IEO/STOs.

Crypto Market Makers

Market-making and liquidity services for crypto projects.


Blockchain-based financial services ecosystem.

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